Project Description

The New Employee Experience project is a comprehensive day 1 thru 365 onboarding program for GM Financial. The GMF team was amazing, open and creative. We were able to explore ways to brand and theme the entire program in a consistent fashion. We settled on a "Road Trip" visual treatment and geared the lesson content and instructional design treatments around this idea.

The comps here show a few sneak peeks at the ideation process for course navigation, portal treatments, terrain concepts, course layout, and a few interaction samples. This is the kind of work I truly enjoy: engaging a client willing to get creative and try new deployment tactics paired with top Instructional Design strategies.


GM Financial


Creative Direction, Learner Experience, UI, HTML5, LMS/Portal integration (SAP) Consulting


2nd Quarter, 2018

"Computers are to design as microwaves are to cooking."
-Milton Glaser