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It all started with design.

That grew into a passion for art direction and animation. Learning object-oriented programming brought function to these forms. After gaining mastery over these practical areas, my passion has turned to directing learner experiences from inception to LMS deployment. Dozens of award-winning training and development initiatives later, I am proud to share my professional experience with you.

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My Highlights

Learning is a life long journey. What has captivated me about the training and development industry is the need to constantly learn and grow to stay ahead of the curve. That challenge has fueled my creative fire. Knowing that my teams are able to build content that allows others to perform better, bringing more value to their company, community and family keeps me engaged and excited.

Learning Experience Direction

Understand the learner, know the objective and own the process. Learning Experience Design brings together the instructional mindset and melds it with user experience design to make sure every learner receives the knowledge they require, experience they want and performance outcomes we all need. My diverse background blends these disciplines seamlessly to enable a comprehensive approach to learning rarely found.

Instructional Strategy

One of the greatest boons to my personal development has been working with the best instructional design teams in the world. Leveraging the Successive Approximation Model (SAM) has allowed me to design training initiatives that achieve results quickly, discover hurdles early and keeps instructional integrity at the core. It is imperative to balance the knowledge and experience that each Subject Matter Expert brings to a project with the learning audiences' capabilities and needed outcomes.

Creative Direction

Brainstorming a new instructional treatment interface or laying out a responsive microlearning module still get me excited. Nothing is more professionally satisfying than leading a team to push the boundaries of what has been done to discover what can be accomplished. My responsibility as Creative Director is to ensure we dissect problems, find the possible solutions and guide my team down the most effective path to completion. Having insight in each section of the content creation pipeline allows me to anticipate hurdles long before they become an issue.


The tools of the trade have come a long way in the last twenty years. From Flash to HTML5. From PowerPoint to Storyline 360. From Captivate to… well it’s still Captivate. It is very important to me to stay abreast of the latest development platforms, so they remain an extension of my creative will and not a laborious beast to struggle against. I have also worked extensively in the SCORM and AICC frameworks which are the foundation to most Learning Management Systems.

Video & Motion Design

Video content has taken over most social media platforms and younger audiences simply expect to have information presented this way. It is important to leverage this powerful medium to share stories, explore consequences and present data in a way the learner will find memorable. Since starting my career in television broadcasting, I have always enjoyed producing, directing and animating. As technology evolves, we can start exploring immersive experiences in virtual and augmented reality.

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