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Hello, my name is Tim Burkowske

For the last twenty years, I have been exploring and implementing visual design, art direction and programming. I am currently working with Allen Interactions as Senior Interactivity Developer and acting Creative Director for the Tampa studio. I have the pleasure of creating immersive and educational training initiatives to help some of the nation's leading companies improve the capacity and capability of their employees.

  • Comfortable Cross Discipline
  • Creative and Art Direction
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Brand Oriented Thinker
  • Creative Problem solving (visual/code)
  • Experienced Team Leader
  • Precise Client Communication









My Highlights

Being cross-functional helps me manage my team better by understanding their unique challenges. Creating a smooth communication pipeline between developers and designers in thier own language is key. I am also very well versed in animation, print design, photography, and voice over.

Art Direction

Let's improve brand development through excellent application of design principles while not being afraid to stay creative. I can work alone in this space, but developing a team is where I really enjoy the role.

Graphic Design

Sometimes you need to get your hands dirty. Maybe the project needs a custom icon, layout, character and typeface option. That is when the designer comes out. Twenty years of experience can help guide you to the right design for your project.

Web Development

Web technologies are evolving fast and you need to be able to keep up. With a world of code, plug-ins, assets and web typefaces at our disposal, the web experience we can build together is probably closer than you imagine. With experience in HTML, CSS, Actionscript, Javascript, PHP, JQuery and more, I can help guide you through that process.

Video / Motion Design

Motion graphics have always been my guilty indulgence. Every time I get to work on a video based project, I feel like I am cheating the system: it's just fun to build! Motion design is a great way to grab attention from your audience. Video is everywhere, so we should talk about it.


I learn something every time I get behind a camera. Creative portrait, real estate, automotive, and product photography is available.

The Creative Process


The first step in any project is to understand the goal. Once we know what has to be achieved, we can back into the various ways to accomplish it. Strong, non-judgemental and open lines of communication go a long way to maintaining creativity while pursuing a common goal.


Creating quick, iterative mock ups based on initial conversations about each project will help us stay focused on the goal and have many ideas to sift through, looking for the best to rise to the top. Not every design style and choice will fit your brand. Mock ups help us zero in on a design that will fit your needs perfectly.


Once the initial draft is complete and a look and feel agreed upon, it's time to put some love into our concepts and create refined graphical representations. At this point, the project really takes on a life of its own and begins to look like the finished product. Minor tweaks and adjustments to enforce branding are often made to ensure the design hits the center of the target.

That was just a small sampling of the projects I have
been involved with over the past few years.

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